Effect of the input power to the welding unit ERW

We know of input power for welding, in order to better operation and adjustment ERW unit, in order to achieve greater efficiency. Today, let us take a look at the impact of the input power ERW machine.
Enter the high-frequency welding power control is very important. Too small power tube groove insufficient heating, reach soldering temperatures will cause Weld, Desoldering, weld and other folders not weld defects; power is too large, the impact on the stability of the welding, surface heating tube groove soldering temperature is much higher than the desired temperature, causing serious splash, pinholes, slag and other defects, such defects is called burnt defects. Input power high-frequency welding according to wall thickness and molding speed adjustment determination, forming different way, different unit equipment, different material grade, all we need to sum up the first production line, preparing for their own unit equipment high-frequency technology.


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