Coil Slitting line and Cutting to length line News

The safe operation of the Leveling cutting machine

First, Kaiping machine operator should be familiar with the working principle of the device and method of operation.

Second, before starting work:

1, check the mechanical parts for loose, damaged, and adjusted.

2, clearance check whether they can adapt the tool to open the plate thickness.

3, check the lubrication, see automatic oiler oil level is normal, all lubrication points Lubricant (grease) is required to raise.

4, check the electrical apparatus, compressed air is normal, the compressed air pressure 0.5Mpa above.

5, check the air filter is required to turn on the water, whether the oil cup starvation.

6. Check the pinch rolls, whether there is debris, garbage on the leveling rolls.

7. Check the oil level of the hydraulic system is normal.

Third, the boot:
1, open air switch, power switch, check whether the normal operation of the control.

2, check the oil automatic filling device is normal.
3, feeding, for narrow material to prevent the dumping of assault, fixtured on a reel to use.

4, according to the clipboard length and precision cut lengths and set the shear rate.

5, a clear relationship between the speed and cutting precision:
6, according to the size of the adjustment clipboard receipts, pusher position of the device.
7, adjusting the side positioning means, consistent sheet width dimension, to ensure that diagonal. 8, adjusting the leveling roll reduction, to ensure smooth sheet.
9, the first member of the inspection carried out, such as the size allowed to make adjustments. Burr points difference should be less than 0.5mm, otherwise check tool
Blade gap and status.

10, the shearing process, sampling at any time, to ensure dimensional accuracy to meet the requirements.

11, the unit in normal operation, abnormal should immediately stop check.
12, the device is running, any part of the body should not be in contact plate running the pinch rollers, smooth rollers, scissors
Active portion cutting device, automatic feeding device stack, etc., will need access should be shut down.

Fourth, stop operation:
1, turn off the power switch, the air switch.

2. Check the hydraulic system and lubrication system for leaks.
3, the equipment for cleaning, cleaning work, rust protected parts oiled.

4, the peripheral equipment to clean up, clean-up work to keep the site clean and tidy.


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