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Slitting Line, Slitting Machine Manufacturers Introduction

Slitting Machine manufacturers --Sino Power Machinery introduced: Slitting Machine structure: open-book (unwinding), cited material positioning, slitting slitting, winding (winding) and other equipment thereof. Its main function is the wide-roll material is provided in the longitudinal direction cut into narrow coils sized for slitting machine can be divided into a good variety, the most important points of the 14-inch, multi-knife slitting machine, round knife slitting machine , and other points of single-pole, there are points for the leather, there are sub-machine for PVC.
Sino Power machinery slitting machine features:
1, self-winding tension of the finished design can improve the tightness of the finished rolling.
2, bead wire using tension take-up and configure slip structure, can effectively improve the stability of mechanical operation.
3, hanging material unwinding machine and winder expansion and contraction of the hydraulic cylinder with one piece design, low failure rate.
4, the spindle uncoiler, slitting the host, winding machines are equipped with disc brakes tension combination of high efficiency, in order to adjust the pneumatic circuit and under certain circumstances to make instant photos automatically forced braking action, so as not to loose coil off.
5, pinch active feeding machine and automatically synchronized with the production line running.
6, slitting host one-piece frame and separate transmission structure, can effectively improve the rigidity of the mechanical structure, while reducing the slitting blade vibration amplitude, improve product quality.
7, the vertical axis reference plane scissors amplitude accuracy are within 0.006mm, can be better to extend tool life and ensure the accuracy of the finished product.
8 points of the unit programmable logic design, automatic mode switching production line according to the nature of the plate, can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance frequency.
9, direct pressure tension damping structure using flexible, high wear resistance coefficient of wool felt for the fabric, to ensure smooth operation of the equipment production time; in addition, comes with a pressure balancing device, so that the surface pressure of bilateral pressure equalization.
10, separated binder mechanism with hydraulic adjustable back pressure in combination, to stabilize the pressure, with the winding diameter increases automatically rise, and always effective to suppress coil.


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