Tube welding machine which inclusions have any effect?

If this defect, then the device will have a great impact, molten metal oxides in a V-port which, if found to strip edge tube welding machine has less than the speed of melting, melting speed is relatively fast, and in V vertex-type mouth, followed by the formation of a narrow sector of the molten metal contained in the magazine, the molten metal
Genus and metal oxides, usually after normal use, squeeze under normal circumstances can not be discharged, while the formation of a mixed zone. Weld pipe machine after collapsing would open position if found in the weld fracture inclusions. Inclusion and weld fracture fibrous comparing the fracture is very flat, no metallic luster. Such defects, also has the potential to be a chain of "oxide", and not very defects.
Usually couples, the burrs or rust will fall, before the bridge apex formation will cause a short-circuit pipe machine causing current beat phenomenon.


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