HF Welded pipe production line

High-frequency welded pipe machine producing high-frequency welded pipe process and related presentations

High-frequency welding is a resistance to flow through the workpiece with a continuous thermal contact surface high-frequency current generated by the heating and in the case of applying upsetting forces, the metal workpiece between each other to achieve a kind of successive welding method. Supply of high-frequency welded pipe manufacturers introduced this welding method is similar to ordinary resistance welding, but there are many important differences.
High-frequency welded pipe machine has a larger power supply, for different materials, diameter and thickness of the pipe can reach a higher welding speed (the maximum ratio of TIG welding speed higher than l0 times). Reasons therefore, high-frequency welding production of general purpose steel has high productivity because high-speed high-frequency welding, to the inner pipe burr removal difficult, high-frequency welded steel pipe which is currently not yet accepted by the chemical industry, nuclear industry one. From the welding material, the high-frequency welding can weld all types of steel pipe.
Frequency welded pipe production process:
1. raw materials on pipe welding quality. Factors affecting the quality of raw materials are mainly steel mechanical properties unstable surface defects and geometry of the strip three aspects of large deviations
2. The high-frequency welded pipe production process, how to ensure the quality of products meet the technical standards and the needs of customers, they have to pipe production process factors affect product quality analysis. Thus, in the steel production process, to deal with raw materials, welding technology and roll adjustment control to focus on three aspects.
3. The high-frequency welding on steel quality. In steel high-frequency welding process, the welding seam steel pipe welding technology and quality control process parameters, the impedance of the induction coil and the position of the placement and other influence.
4. Roll regulation on steel quality. Analysis diagram can be seen from steel scrap, roll adjustment process is of the operation of the steel pipe. In the production process, when the roller damaged or badly worn, the unit needs to be replaced on the part of the roll, or a variety of continuous production of sufficient quantities, the need to replace the whole set of rolls. Then the rolls should all be adjusted to obtain a good quality steel. The roll adjusting well, could easily lead to twisting steel pipe joints, lap welding, edge waves, drum kits and tube surface indentations or scratches, defects such as large steel pipe ovality, therefore, should roll change master roll adjustment skill.


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