Welded pipe market investment limitations Sources

Relative pipe unit investment purposes, the market transformation of information is especially important, however, look at now welded pipe market, many investment welded pipe localized information, there is no coherent channels to provide information to the dealer, especially with the current the sale of the relevant information industry information, due to their own daily business to run, studying less time reading newspapers, the Internet to get information even less.
The new direction of the market trends of lack of effective business advice, can only rely on their accumulated experience to make judgments welded pipe mill, which will result in the wrong direction.
    Pipe roll machine is the most convenient one P pipe processing machinery, processing it at a high efficiency, good quality pipe processing known.
    Life rolls depends on the intrinsic properties and the work force, the inherent properties of the roll strength and hardness, etc. included.
    To make the rolls have sufficient strength, mainly in terms of the roll material to consider; hardness usually refers to the hardness of the roll working surface, which determines the wear resistance of the roll, to a certain extent, also determines the life of the roll, through the rational selection of materials and heat treatment to meet the roll hardness.


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