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Precision roller factory to explain the basics of the roll

Precision roller factory --Sino Power Machinery explain the basics of the roll. Roll is to make (rolled) metal plastic deformation tool is to determine the quality of the rolled mill efficiency and important consumable parts.
Roll forming methods can be divided according to the type of roll casting and forging rolls; press into the overall process for rolls, rolls and metallurgical complex combination roll. Whole roll into the whole cast and forged rolls overall two kinds.
Roll with respect to the overall composite roll in terms of the roll body and the outer core portion and the roll neck overall single roll cast or forged material, different outer roll body and the roll neck tissue, by casting or forging process performance and heat treatment process to control and adjust.
Precision roller mill parts manufacturers are aware of the working conditions in the roll of the most complex. Roll in the preparation process prior to the manufacture and use will produce residual stress and thermal stress. Use time and further action by the various cycles of stress, including bending, torsion, shear, contact stress and thermal stress. These stresses along the barrel of the distribution is uneven, constantly changing, not only because there are design factors, as well as the roll in use, wear, temperature and roll shape changing. In addition, the rolling conditions often abnormal situation. Roll after using improper cooling, also subjected to thermal stress damage. So in addition to the roll wear, but also often cracks, fracture, spalling, indentation and other local damage and surface damage. A good roll between their strength, abrasion resistance and a variety of other performance indicators should be on better match. Thus, not only under normal rolling conditions durable, but also in the event of certain abnormal situations less damage to rolling. Therefore, in the manufacture of the roll to strictly control the quality of metallurgical rolls or supplemented by external measures to increase the carrying capacity of the roll. Appropriate roll shape, female, deformation system and rolling conditions can also reduce the workload roll, to avoid local peak stress, extended roll life. Roll consumption depends on three factors: ① mill, rolled and rolling conditions, as well as a reasonable choice roll; ② roll material and manufacturing quality; the use and maintenance of the system ③ roll.
Manufacturers of precision roller core and most of the work surface rolls have different performance requirements. When using a single material is difficult to meet the requirements, the inner and outer layers can be manufactured separately with two materials. Composite technology can be a combination of mechanical, casting and other multi-layer composite technology. Repair roller common surfacing techniques.


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