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Sino Power high-frequency welded pipe manufacturers tell you how to increase the service life of steel

Sino Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. professional design and manufacture of various types of high-frequency welded pipe, stainless steel precision welded pipe, precision steel-plastic, stainless steel composite pipe unit; design and manufacture of various models of welded pipe mold - rolls profiled rollers, so that formed a series of products, reputation in the industry. Sino Power mechanical high-frequency welded pipe manufacturers, steel pipe and other materials have sufficient understanding of today teach you a method to increase the service life of steel pipe:
Steel substrate coating is the most commonly used method is the best one of various methods in effect. Galvanized greatly increases the corrosion resistance of steel, but also makes sales of galvanized pipe, galvanized angle steel and other products increased.
Since the hot-dip galvanizing process temperature is relatively high, lower tempering temperature so that the material can easily be annealed in the galvanizing process, thereby reducing the hardness. Furthermore plating thickness on the use of hot-dip galvanized fittings should also be considered to fit tolerances.
Hot dip galvanized steel member is immersed in the rust after about 600 ℃ high temperature melting molten zinc, the steel member attached to the surface layer of zinc, zinc layer thickness of 5mm the following sheet not less than 65μm, thick plate is not less than 86μm. Which play an anti-corrosion purposes. In recent years, large numbers of light steel structure system, pressure plate and the like. More also galvanized anti-corrosion. The first procedure is galvanized pickling rust, then wash. The two processes are not completely corrosion will stay hidden, it must be treated thoroughly.


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