Effect of welding on ERW welding unit

We know the impact of welding on welding, in order to better operation and adjustment ERW unit, in order to achieve greater efficiency. Today, let us take a look at the impact of ERW welding machine.
High-frequency welding in two ways: contact welding and induction welding.
    Contact welding is a pair of copper electrodes on both sides of the steel pipe welded portion in contact with the induced current penetration is good, two effects due to high-frequency current copper and steel electrodes in direct contact to obtain maximum use, the contact welding welding efficiency higher and lower power consumption, widely used in high-speed low precision pipe production, especially in the production of thick steel pipe generally requires the use of contact welding. But there are two drawbacks contact welding: First, the contact with the copper electrode plate, wear out quickly; the second is due to the steel surface flatness and straightness of edges, poor contact welding current stability, the higher the internal and external weld burr , and precision in the welding of thin-walled tube is generally not used.
    Induction welding is based on one or more turns of the induction trap outside the welded steel pipe, a plurality of turns better than a single turn, but more difficult to multi-turn induction coil fabrication and installation. Induction coil and the pipe surface higher pitch hour efficiency, but it is likely to cause the discharge pipe between the induction coil and generally to maintain the induction coil from the steel surface 5 ~ 8 mm gap is appropriate. When using induction welding, since the induction coil is not in contact with the steel, so there is no wear and tear, the induced current is more stable, to ensure the stability of the welding, good welding steel pipe surface quality, weld formation, such as in the production of high API when precision tubes, basically in the form of induction welding.


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