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ERW Tube Making Machine Unit Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting welding machine
Fault welding machine is relatively more, and the cause of the failure is also more complex, the result is often caused by a variety of reasons, can be caused by several reasons or a result. Some faults very difficult to deal with them. Let us first make a brief description of the accident scratch.
1 scratch
Tube welding machine appeared scratches caused mainly by two parts, one guide means, and second extrusion welding mechanism.
Scratch 1.1 guiding mechanism
Scratch-oriented parts generally occurs in both sides of the tube, if fitted with the guide sleeve guide restructuring irrational, two upper and lower surfaces of the tube will appear abrasive scratch, scratch that is characterized by relatively wounds big, strong continuity. Mainly because of the height position of the guide sleeve is incorrect, or the upper and lower guide roller bearing is damaged, the tube can not be well controlled, so as to create friction with the guide sleeve after formation. In addition, when the guide roller is too large deviation from the center line of the rolling, the guide sleeve and the guide roller axis relative difference is too large, it can cause scratches on both sides of the tube.
1.2 Extrusion welding mechanism scratched
Squeeze roller scratches caused, mainly in the bottom of the tube, because generally have the following points:
1.1 misfit pass weld extruded structure has two roll, three-roll and four-roll type, as long as the combination of the hole do not match, it is likely to cause the tube surface scratches, especially two roll structures. Factors that do not fit and pass a lot, a two-roll structure as an example, such as bearing damage; roller axial movement; pass sample sizes; two roller height position is not the same; shaft bending and assembly of instability and so on.
1.2 match the height of the lower edge of the extrusion roll groove should be highly consistent rolling line, while the height of the guide rollers is determined by the tube wall thickness. If the height of the guide rolls down to a certain limit, the squeezing roll groove rounded edges will cause scratches on the bottom of the tube, especially after extrusion roll groove R rounded sharpened, scratch it more likely to occur.
1.3 To crush insufficient pressure especially two rollers squeeze roller device structure on a roll, when the squeeze on insufficient pressure in the tube with tension, the roller will appear on the elevation, so grooved edge R round angle prominent, resulting in a lower portion of the tube scratch. When the squeeze roll groove R rounded sharpened, it will increase the occurrence of scratch accident.
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