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– Leading Manufacturer of Welded seam pipe mill & Slitting machine in China.

Sino Power Group tube mill manufacturer with the factory covers an area of 85,000 Square meters and has more than 450 employees and over 25 years steel tube mill line and steel coil slitting machine design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales experience. The main design and products are:  High Frequency Welded Pipe Mills, steel coil slitting machine line, related roller /molds etc. Till now, Sino Power Group steel tube mill manufacturers have successfully supplied world-class products and service to over 30 countries and areas around the world, such as: Poland, Spain, Russia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan, kazakhstan, Ethiopia, etc.

Sino Power Group tube mills manufacturers strictly complies with the ISO9001 quality control system, ISO1400 management system and CE / SGS standard of European Union. We take scientific & reasonable streamline production to guarantee the high-grade and high effective production revolution. On the basis of absorbing European advanced design and combining with the actual requirement of customers, our company developed various series erw tube mills and steel coil slitting machines for several pipe mill manufacturers.

We are one of the leading China tube mill manufacturers. We are devoting ourselves in developing pipe mill industry and also improving the China tube mill manufacture technology.
Whenever reliability, safety and economic is needed, there is a solution:
Pipe welding machine manufactured by SINO POWER ERW TUBE MILL

CHINA ERW TUBE MILL is the Leading Manufacturer of Tube mill & Slitting machine

Main product:

ERW tube mill, Welded seam pipe mill, Steel pipe making machine, High frequency pipe mill, ERW pipe machine, Welded pipe making machine, Carbon steel pipe making line, Pipe welding machine, Tube making line,Tube forming machine , Straight seam pipe making machine, Slitting machine




ERW Pipe Making Line: https://youtu.be/x_FD3Fy_ENo

Slitting And Cutting To Length Line: https://youtu.be/a3XuK_VL2RM

Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/Sinopower2016/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-EA6_B73nxzzbOHJbMPYsg

ERW Welded Pipe Production Line 高频直缝焊管生产线
Oil & Natural Gas Steel Pipe Production Line 石油天然气焊管生产线
Special Welded Pipe Production Line 大厚径比异型焊管生产线

Hot & Cold Roller Coil Slitting Line 热轧冷轧卷分条机

Steel Sheet Cutting To Length Line 钢板横切机

Testing Equipment

Testing center owes a complete range of testing equipment to perform such tests for mechanical properties, process performance and chemical element analysis to guaranteeing that our company make good quality products.



Contact: Steven Ma

Phone: 86 18321624120

Tel: 86 021 58307665

Email: stevenma@shsinopower.com

Add: Pudong Shanghai ,China

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